Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So life is going pretty good I am in jr. high now it is really nice I like it I have gotten lost a couple of times LOL but every 7th grader does right.? I really like my locker I CAN get it open luckily it is not one that gets stuck.One of my teachers Mr. millman my art teacher has a website well blogger website go there to check out his artwork it is . Tomorrow (Thursday) I start gymnastics with my Cousin's daughter Sanora she has a blog too but Idk what it is right now I will get back to you later with her web address. Gtg get a few decorations for my locker like whiteboard mirror and all that type of stuff. oh yeah I forgot to mention that today it the 2ND day of school. 
b-loggin' out,
                    Kelli :) smile and be happy!!!