Tuesday, November 20, 2012

just a little tip for the future,
Showing up at home 1 hour after school got out does not make your mom too happy. ;) (my mom just gave me a little mini lecture about how far away I could be in one hour if I got kidnapped, and she wouldn't even know about it. The reason I almost always get out late is because after the bell my and my best school buddy maddi stay after in our 7th period class because Mr.B is our favorite teacher (he is also our math teacher for now) he also has 3 lizards in the class room that we get to hold after school so we do. Sadly next symester we wont have him anymore :'( Well hope you have a good day. I hope to have a sleep over/or late night with my BFF. Because I don't have mutual or dance tonight since it is now fall break!!!!!:D 
W/ much laughter and love,