Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hi just sharing what I feel like right now,
Sometimes I feel like my so called "best friend" doesn't even deserve me. She keeps taking control and being  kind of a jerk about it, she shut the door in my face today not slammed just shut but still she was all, "ok, bye" and barley gave me enough time to slip in, "bye" back to her. I really feel like locking her in a chair and setting her straight by talking to her about all my complaints and try to take charge myself. ugh.... Idk what to do we have been friends since I was 5 and she was almost 4, I don't know if she is a true friend or not, if she is a best friend or a fraud or if she just wants someone to push around and take control of we have had good times and really bad at the end of last year we didn't talk to each other for over a month when we got back together we started over our friendship idk what I should do.I don't really think it is worth losing a dance partner and/or a friend. So sad, don't know what to do.
            Kelli :(

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ugh don't like school anymore today the vice principal told me that I couldn't wear short shorts over leggings but I could wear just the white leggings and it would make my bright pink under wear show wow what a stupid rule I mean how is it bad I wore this today because I have ballet after school and it is my ballet/ gymnastics out fit. I think it was totally ok and modest but any way I had to slip on my sweats instead. I think it isn't right that I can wear just the leggings that will show my underwear and not the shorts on top I mean that is the whole reason I wore the shorts is so I wouldn't show my under wear now that is what would concern me more. ugh people and their rules these days I never want to ever go back to school AGAIN IN MY LIFE. (well until high school then that guy wont be there, and college, now I can't wait until I am in high school and until everyone forgets about it :'(
I really didn't mean any harm and I didn't know.
embarrased never want to show my face at school again, Kelli

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hi again peeps,
I just counted and it has been 5 months and 3 days since I started this blog. :) Also it is weird to think that in 15ish years I MIGHT be married because I will be 27 and 1/2 that is CRAZY!!!
just some random thoughts I just had, 
W/<3, Kelli
Hi hi, 
Yesterday  I went to gymnastics and I passed on to a new/ higher level! :) I love my parents they are awesome and amazing but not only for this reason but still they are letting me do Ballet/ Jazz dance as well as gymnastics but later in the year when I get some extra money I will pay them back right after I get the IPod touch 5 :) in like December or January. Me and my best friend Brie are doing a dance we are doing it to the song demons by imagine dragons but without words because our parents don't really like the words so we are just doing it to the song on the piano. Well Happy Friday!!! :D
W/<3, Kelli