Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hi just sharing what I feel like right now,
Sometimes I feel like my so called "best friend" doesn't even deserve me. She keeps taking control and being  kind of a jerk about it, she shut the door in my face today not slammed just shut but still she was all, "ok, bye" and barley gave me enough time to slip in, "bye" back to her. I really feel like locking her in a chair and setting her straight by talking to her about all my complaints and try to take charge myself. ugh.... Idk what to do we have been friends since I was 5 and she was almost 4, I don't know if she is a true friend or not, if she is a best friend or a fraud or if she just wants someone to push around and take control of we have had good times and really bad at the end of last year we didn't talk to each other for over a month when we got back together we started over our friendship idk what I should do.I don't really think it is worth losing a dance partner and/or a friend. So sad, don't know what to do.
            Kelli :(


  1. You know what? If you are gossiping about her, then you are the mean one. Right there you sound like a brat. Maybe she gets it from you. Maybe your a bad influence on her. Maybe you should just stop talking about her badly on the INTERNET! I'll track her down and tell her then she'll post greiving stuff about you on the internet. would you like that? huh? Just shut up about the Kelliadorable stuff just don't be and online jerk OK?


  2. Well that is kinda rude, I am not gossiping about her you need to learn the definition of gossiping. And how can you track her down for all you know I could have been lying for part of it she may not even be my bff. but we will always still be friends she has talked about me before so that is just what almost sisters do ok.And people have opinions on different things ok so just loose it please (this message is not in a rude tone just don't read it like that in your head please)The reason I posted this is because we had just been in a fight, and have had some bad times lately but we always still have good times and we will sometimes talk about each other behind each others backs but nothing that can really scar the person for life that is what happens when you have a best friend this close, if you have a tiny fight it feels like the end of the world and sometimes like you want to rip their head off but I mean that is exactly what sisters are like and that is when you know that you are that close.!!!!!And if my BFF reads this she will know that she has been mad @ me before and I have at her but we will stay best friends forever and I am glad my BFF would never be as mean and aggressive as you on this subject!

  3. I hope you aren't this mean to Brielle!