Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ugh don't like school anymore today the vice principal told me that I couldn't wear short shorts over leggings but I could wear just the white leggings and it would make my bright pink under wear show wow what a stupid rule I mean how is it bad I wore this today because I have ballet after school and it is my ballet/ gymnastics out fit. I think it was totally ok and modest but any way I had to slip on my sweats instead. I think it isn't right that I can wear just the leggings that will show my underwear and not the shorts on top I mean that is the whole reason I wore the shorts is so I wouldn't show my under wear now that is what would concern me more. ugh people and their rules these days I never want to ever go back to school AGAIN IN MY LIFE. (well until high school then that guy wont be there, and college, now I can't wait until I am in high school and until everyone forgets about it :'(
I really didn't mean any harm and I didn't know.
embarrased never want to show my face at school again, Kelli

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