Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hey wassup peepos,
Well we are re-roofing my house. Every day my grandpa starts on another section and yeah. I am super tired haven't be getting enough sleep lately but it is totally my fault. :( I really don't like this I have this huge zit right by my nose and I really hate it because it is so noticable and red and big! ugh and I can't get rid of it plus I have another few little zits on my nose and like 3 right next to eachother at the top left of my forehead and then another on my forehead and some between my eyebrows I really need to get rid of them ugh ugh ugh :(
P.S. when it says what time I wrote these posts it is not correct I found out that the blogger website is an hour be hind in their time so if it said I wrote this at 10:29 I really wrote it at 11:29.

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