Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nerd Day and a little on Sandy hooke shooting.

Hey hey hey,
today was NERD day today at school my out fit is AWESOME!!!!! so I crimped my hair so it is really poofy then  I put it in high pig tails. then I colored over the reald3d thing on my 3d glasses knocked the lenses out and put medical tape in the middle.For my shirt I wore a kinda loose white button down shirt looks like a girlier version of a boys white sunday shirt. I wore my shirt tucked in to my light blue pants over pink leggings the pant legs were rolled up one higher than the other(one knee length and the other in mid-shin) then I wore some regular airwalk shoes (converse style shoes). I also wore an untied black bowtie hanging around my neck. I was going to draw some black freckles on my face with some black eyeliner but I didn't have enough time. So yeah if you want to dress up like a nerd here are some tips for you. Hope it helped. Tomorrow is ugly sweater day, thursday is clash day (don't ask me what that is even I don't know) And finally Friday is holiday hat day! Spirit week is an exciting week(oh and yesterday was jersey day but I wore yellow and blue to honor those that died in the shooting on Friday at Sandy Hooke elementary that is their schools colors.20 kids and 6 adults (not including the killer that also died) this was a very sad time for every one to hear that 26 innocent lives were lost.
Well I'll leave you with that and this is Kelli reporting out.

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