Friday, April 19, 2013

{I just copied all of this from mine and Bries bff blog don't forget to keep up with that through out the summer there wont be much stuff until summer on that blog but there will be a few things (35 days til summer). }  here is the URL to mine and bries blog again
Hey buddies,
So recently Brie and I had a dance performance, we didn't get any good pics of the actual dance but we got some of after the dance and i'll share some of those with you,there will be more to come, I still have to upload them from my camera onto the computer ,so be patient, but here are some to hold you over for now. Enjoy! :D
{P.S. I am wearing my brother's shirt from like 5 or 6 years know just if you were wondering}

me on left b on right


dancers of liberty

comparing our flowers which are the same flowers style and everything, but bought from different stores, how wierd is that and it wasn't even planned. ooooh spooooky ;)

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