Sunday, May 27, 2012

First day of summer

Heyo peepos,
Me and my bff Brie had the best first day of summer ever on friday, first we went to my house and got all prettied up then we went to her house so she could get different clothes on like I did at my house. Then we went to yogurt bliss and got frozen yogurt she got vanilla with gummy butterflies, marshmallow saucy stuff, brownie bites and strawberry I think. idk what her mom got but I got chocolate and vanilla yogurt gummy bears, gummy butterflies, brownie bites, and lots of hot fudge and marshmallow sauce. It was kinda funny because well yogurt bliss measures the yogurt for the price and mine weighed more than Brie's and her mom's combined but we had coupons so I only had to pay like 3 dollars. Then we went to Build a bear workshop and got a build a bear each since I have a whimzy pet lamb named cottonball and she has a whimzy pet pig named pigsely I got the farmers market lamb and she got the farmers market pig. Brie got an oink sound and I got a recordable sound and it says Pigsely not again since pigsely is like the adventurer that always gets into trouble. I got a blue dress with red plaid straps and a red ribbon around it with a rose on top and two plaid flowers for her ear. Brie got a colorful dress I think it has flowers all over it with red plaid stripes and two plaid flowers for her ears. Brie named hers pigsely and I named mine cottonball. after that we went to a clothing store I forgot what it was called it was a really long name that started with a g. Then we went to the children's place clothing store and her mom got us some clothes there. Then we went home. When I got home I found out my crush Riley had finally excepted my friend request on face book I was freaking out I was so happy. Then I got into bed and realized something, Brie's mom came to pick us up at 6:11pm, we got to the mall at 7:11pm, we got out of the mall at 9:11pm, I think we got home at like 10:11, I got into bed at like 11:11. So I guess 11 was our lucky number on friday. It was the best first day of summer ever!
Happy summer,


  1. wow that sounds like the best day ever! you guys sound like total bffs! cottonball that's cute! pigsely awesome! I have a dog named pugsely :) and my bff has a frog named fogsely! small world with all the 'selys' cute post!

  2. Thankyou Seray4eva! <3 I don't have a dog but I want one and I want to name it puddles! hehe:)

  3. the exclamation point looks like an "L" lower cased sorry about that!

  4. oh yeah and the first clothing store was "Gymboree".