Wednesday, May 23, 2012

heyo peeps,
I am super bored and tired by the way  never ever book a deal with the event talent center they really are just a big rip off they got an F grade from the better business buero, and they will ruin your hopes and dreams of becoming a star. Plus I have this guy I kinda like along with the 2 others his name is Zach I am afraid to admit it to friends or family so I will just leave him secret admirer notes plus he hangs out with some girls in my class and I am afraid he likes them more than me last year he hung out with my bff and I and we would always talk on walky talkies but I am afraid he will want to hang out with those girls instead. He has also kinda been a real jerk lately I wish he could just treat me really nicely. And to get the mood better my other crush riley is turning 14 today so Happy Birthday Riley!Gtg eat some big fat hamburgers and no kidding my bros burgers are the best. 

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  1. By the way I don't like Zach any more that was only like a week crush now I just like Riley, sort of Keshawn, and Cameron Boyce but you know I will probably never get a chance with Cameron if you don't know he is this super cute boy that acts on disney channel and has been in other movies before.