Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hey peeps,
just wanted to let you know that me and my BFF Brie just made our bff blog, and you should check it out. it is In about 82ish days we will start posting a lot more. We will post everything we do from our summer bucket list which will be almost every day but Sunday  I am super excited for summer only 82 1/2 days!!! This summer especially is going to absoloutly rock! Hope you all have been having fun. Oh and Brie and I had facial Friday last friday (March 1st) it was super fun, we watched Phineas an Ferb while it was on our faces. And part of the time we had cucumbers on our eyes.
            If you want to do a facial like we did here is the recipe.
                    - 1/2 an avocado
                    - 1/4th cup of honey

*note: do not use metal utensils for this try as hard as you can to just use plastic*(sometimes the metal can give you a reaction not always but better safe than sorry)you can also use glass
                    Directions: mash avocado until it is creamy I used a magic bullet to mash mine if you do use a bullet or blender then you should put in a small bit of water it will help the blender mash it faster/easier.Keep it in there for about a minute or two(or until it is creamy and there aren't many chunks- that is the way i like it if you want it with chunks of avocado then you can mash it for less time.
2: after that is done put it in a mixing bowl (if not already in one) and mix in your quarter cup of honey. 
3: spread in on your face (avoiding the eyes) and let is sit for at least 20 minutes (you may keep it on for longer in you want to )(also if you want to feel extra special you can put cucumber over your eyes!{it isn't just for looks it actually helps around your eyes}.ENJOY YOUR FACIAL!!!!

        Yesterday my mom , Brie, and I all went to Yogurt Bliss (yummm). We heard that they are going to tear down Yogurt Bliss and all of the little stores on that little strip i guess because I think Joann's is moving in there. Don't quote me on this though we may have heard wrong. I go a dutch chocolate frozen yogurt with gummy bears, gummy worms, yogurt chips, kit kat pieces, cookie dough, brownie bites, marshmallow sauce, and hot fudge(I hope I didn't forget to mention any thing else I put on it). Brie  got dutch chocolate frozen yogurt with lots and lots and lots of marshmallow sauce!!!!!!! My mom got raspberry frozen yogurt with hot fudge and strawberries (I am not sure if she got anything else on it I didn't really see what she put on.) It was really delicious when we were eating me and Brie were playing this 'game' where we would say, " when they tear this down I want the...." and you mention something that they have in there and you say it, or like," I call the couches" or something like that. So now me and brie have this inside joke and she will sometimes say, " It's my fault for wanting the light switch." and I say " It's my fault for wanting the wheelbarrow". Yeah it's fun! When we got home we chatted on 'google hangouts" it was fun but my mic. wasn't working until my brother Kyle came home and fixed it at like 11pm!   :) Love you Kyle.
Well I've got to go I don't want to make us late for church, have a great day. OH ps my our old neighboor Joel gets to come to our house today we are celebrating his birthday so he is coming for dinner. I made him a cake I am going to frost it when we get home.
W/ <3 Kelli

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